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boy, I should post updates here more often, shouldn't I?

posted Jan 4, 2016, 5:56 PM by Bruce Worden
Happy new year, everyone!
Thought I'd start the year off with a quick update. 

Issue 6 of Woodstalk is nearly complete! Which means #7 is on the way. 6 will debut in at my first show of the year: MSU Comics Forum in Lansing, MI on Saturday, February 27. My first show in Michigan! Oh, and Sergio Aragones from MAD Magazine will be there, so you should definitely come check it out!

Miss me there, though, you can find me at SPACE in Columbus, OH on April 9 & 10. And speaking of SPACE, Woodstalk #4 is a finalist for the 2015 SPACE Prize, as is my minicomic MROWR. Winners will be announced at (or shortly before, I think?) SPACE 2016. So keep your fingers crossed for me, eh? :)

Outside of comics-land, I've drawn a series of coloring pages for our local sustainable-commute organization getDowntown. I think they've only posted one so far, here. But follow them (or me!) on Twitter to see 'em as they post 'em. 

I recently drew some maps for a great book that is available now about Michigan's involvement in the Civil War battle of Antietam. Profits from the book will go toward erecting a monument to MI soldiers there. Pretty cool.

Taught a five-week observational drawing course to a great class of middleschoolers this winter. Got a cool scientific illustration project coming up I can't talk about yet. And I'm pitching a mural idea to the bureaucratic quagmire that is the city. (Cross ALL your fingers for that one.) 

OK, that's it. Keep reading! I'll see you out there!