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newsletter #5

posted Apr 16, 2014, 7:12 AM by Bruce Worden
Hi everyone!
I'm at risk of rambling today, I'm so excited. Coming back home from my first two comic conventions, PIX in Pittsburgh and SPACE in Columbus, I'm feeling super inspired by everything I've seen and everyone I've met. Oh my glob, you guys, what a great community of artists and writers. I have to admit, I've never felt like much of a "joiner" before, and that's influenced my career decisions (for better or worse). But I really feel at home with – and welcomed by! – the indie comics crowd. And the path forward for Woodstalk has never been clearer. Things just feel... right.
So let's get down to it. Issue #3 of Woodstalk EXISTS! And it's available in all the usual places. Many thanks to Dave Woodward for slinging the ink this time around. Goodnight Keith Moon found a new home in C'bus at a cool rock-n-roll shop called What The Rock?! Packrat Comics picked up a big stack of Woodstalk for their shop. Something about being in presence of so many original Calvin & Hobbes illustrations at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum & Library was kind of life-changing. And the Wombmates James and Jason Ford interviewed me for their podcast!
I'll be keeping the comic convention love rolling by visiting the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May where I hope to meet THREE of my biggest cartooning influences all in one place(!!!!), then hopping a flight to Maine the very next week to table at the Maine Comic Arts Festival. I may be a bit too late to get in on any cons over the summer, but that just leaves more time (which seems sorely lacking right now) to work on Woodstalk. Then it's Cincy Comicon in the fall, and I'm looking into Genghis Con too! Whew!
And on top of it all, thanks to Joy Naylor at Distinct Designs, Inc., there will be a Homophones, Weakly exhibit at the Dexter Public Library in May. I'm not sure HW illustrations were ever really meant to be hung like "art," but I did already set that precedent by submitting one to the Visualizing Data show at Work: Detroit. This time, at least, it's in a library, the perfect location for a grammar exhibit wouldn't you say?
OK, I gotta go. Adrenaline: pumping! Ideas: forming!
You: keep reading!