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posted Mar 22, 2013, 7:44 AM by Bruce Worden
Hi again, everyone! Just a quick update, so you don't think I've forgotten about you. :)
It's all Woodstalk all the time around this place, you guys. For those who haven't seen it yet, I'm talking about our brand new comic book series about a zombie outbreak at Woodstock. And there's a lot going on behind the scenes at the moment. The good folks at Dr. Evil Management have taken it upon themselves to flood Chicago area shops with the premiere issue. I had the opportunities to talk toWVXU in Cincinnati and CJMQ in Quebec about it. And right now issues 2 AND 3 are both underway, aiming to be available by fall! Fingers crossed, anyway. Publishing them so close together has required some extra coordination, and a boost in budget which is pretty exciting. So I wanted to point out that each issue of Woodstalk will now have a Kickstarter page to help raise the artist fees for whomever is illustrating that particular issue – like, oh, Kam Reynolds for #2, and Louisa Bertman on #3. Don't worry, I won't be coming to you every few months asking for money. But I might mention it from time to time, and I wanted to make sure you knew about it so if you felt like supporting these great artists, or at least spreading the word, you could. Especially when you see some of the rewards we're offering contributors – for example, how would you like to be drawn into the comic itself? We can make that happen, and you can click HERE to find out how.
In other news, thanks to some website finagling, all of BMB's books, including Woodstalk, are finally available at Amazon. Also, if you're in the Ann Arbor area, there's still time to catch my animal species paintings up atWorkantile probably through April, though we haven't set an end date just yet. This summer I'll have a piece on display in the U-M art school alumni show (details to come). And there are a few other irons in the fire I was hoping to tell you about today, but they still have to be hammered into shape first. Next time, perhaps...