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posted Jan 22, 2014, 5:53 PM by Bruce Worden   [ updated Jan 22, 2014, 5:54 PM ]
It's been too long since my last update, I apologize. But that just means lots of new stuff to tell you about! So much new stuff.

First, a fistbump to the good folks at Adrian College, who have been kind enough to invite me to speak to their art classes about being a "working artist." (Well, I'm working at it, anyway.) And they're also including some of my work in a show at their gallery in February, with a reception on Feb 4 that I wholeheartedly invite you to.

The popular Tumblr I Love Charts featured my picto-blog Homophones, Weakly back in October, thanks to our old friend Venkat at ribbonfarm who was chartist-in-residence for a day.

On the comicbook front, issue #3 of Woodstalk is in the final stages of completion, thanks to the inking talents of Dave J. Woodward, cartoonist to the stars. Just in time, too, as I'll be boothing Woodstalk, Goodnight Keith Moon, and the rest of the Black Market Books at the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE) in Columbus, OH this April 12 & 13. And at the Maine Comic Arts Festival (MeCAF) on May 18 in Portland, ME. That's right, 2014 is the year we start getting the word out! The first three Woodstalks together make a pretty tight package of where the series is headed, and I can't wait to start shopping it around. (While I'm in Boulder, CO for the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators conference this summer, you know I'll be scoping out the comic shops there too!)

And, last, but not least, if you ever find yourself in Ann Arbor, I invite you to check out my illustrations gracing the stairwell of the Maynard Street parking structure. (Geez, that sounds shifty.) Really, though, they're pretty nice. See? Many thanks to Ann Arbor's DDA for providing the means to see that project through. Let's see more art downtown!