Ongoing comic series about the now-forgotten zombie outbreak at Woodstock.
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Tongue-in-cheek approach to discussing reproductive health. Plus, it's two books in one, with one starting from the "front" cover, and the other from the "back" cover!
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Grimly humorous (humorously grim?) illustrated poem about a toad trying to cross a busy street during mating season.
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One Drink
Short c
oming-of-age comic. In a roadhouse parking lot.
And Boba Fett's in it. Seriously, e
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Weekly picto-blog where I draw a picture of the person I imagine wrote one of the many discarded shopping lists I've been collecting.

My picto-blog that ran from 2011–2016, illustrating homophones and other misspelled words your/you're spell checker won't catch.

Sketches for a picture book about the pitfalls of animal classification. 

Concepts for preschool board books.