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Concept proposal:
I plan to create five traditional pieces of art – lovingly created, meaningful, sparing no expense in material – then encase them inside featureless blocks of concrete, and put them on display. Photos of the process (and X-ray images, if possible) will accompany each block to satisfy skeptics that the art objects are, in fact, inside.
Of course, Christo was obscuring objects in the name of art fifty years ago. But those objects only became “art” once they were obscured. WITHIN takes the concept further, creating art by obscuring – even destroying – existing art objects.
As a series, WITHIN further destroys the individuality of each object in favor of group uniformity, and sparks a broad discussion of identity. Are first impressions really the most important? Do makeup, tattoos, or clothing enhance a person's beauty – or obscure it? Is WITHIN art? Does WITHIN simply contain pieces of art? Or, like an animal bred to be slaughtered, can art even be considered art when it is created just to be destroyed?
WITHIN will strike a chord with anyone who ever felt boxed in by society, ever felt pressured to fit in, ever buried their emotions beneath manners. I’m sure WITHIN will resonate with everyone who sees it, and for this reason I feel compelled to make it a reality.
Thank you for the chance to share it with you.

To become a patron of WITHIN, please contact me to learn more.

Bruce Worden, BFA, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) has designed exhibits for science museums, taught illustration courses at the University of Michigan, worked as a freelance illustrator, and is currently the Scientific Illustrator at The Journal Of Clinical Investigation. His work has been featured in the second edition of Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia, the Smithsonian National Zoo, and many other books, journals, and museums, as well as the website-turned-book Goodnight Keith Moon.